We have an exceptional range of kit to hire !

All our equipment is maintained to the highest standards and is serviced impeccably by the team

over at DM Scuba, when required.

We suggest that you book your requirements in advance to ensure all the kit you need is available when you need it, so drop us an email or use messenger.


When you hire kit from us, we will take a deposit as a security measure which will be returned to you on safe return of the kit.  

Our current kit hire prices per day are shown below:

Full set of kit: £55.00 

Half set of kit: £45.00

Full Regulator Set: £15.00

BCD: £10.00

Cylinder: £10.00 (inc first fill)

Scuba diving - Underwater diving

Accessories and other items are also available, so if you wish to hire anything else please contact us for prices